dinsdag 8 december 2015

Agnes Cecile

Prepare to be put into a trance. Agnes-Cecile's watercolor painting, "Breathe In, Breathe Out", makes for an impressive timelapse to say the least. Silvia Pelissero, the Italian artist's real name, has a naturally lit studio surrounded by plants in Rome. After a one year break from creating videos, watch her get back into it (which we gladly collab'd on) as she works through the intricate details of her subject's eyes, lips, hair, upper body and plants one stroke at a time. She's earned support in droves for her attention to the emotional draw. With the help of friend and composer, they put together a piece we're proud to present.

When you're all good and inspired up, you can buy this high-quality print or choose from an amazing collection of her other pieces here; AGNES CECILE

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